Everyone’s Welcome: Vincent’s Story

by Kevin Bechtel
Network Support Team

For Vincent, the transition from a self-contained classroom to the special education inclusion program at Mateo Sheedy Elementary was a rocky one. The first couple of weeks were hard, and he cried a lot. Gennie Izaguirre, his mother, was really nervous about her decision.

Gennie knew the move meant that she was taking a risk; one that might not work out. The change was a big one for Vincent to get used to – going from a classroom with 15 children to one with 30 students. Quickly, Gennie became reassured that her decision was the right one. Teachers went the extra mile to work with her son. Now, Vincent has more confidence. He recognizes when he needs help and asks for it.

Vincent’s ability to recognize when he needs assistance and how to ask for help has paid off. When he first enrolled at Mateo Sheedy he was only reading only a few words. In a couple of months, he had grown to reading full sentences. His academics have improved a surprising amount after being enrolled for just a short period of time.

“I enjoy seeing him happy. He’s really a different person here,” says Gennie.

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