Summer PD Pride

by Jordan Wise
Third Grade Teacher

Bay Area Rocketeers, get your hashtags and social media feeds ready… because the Summer PD Photo Contest has officially begun!

How do you enter?

Take a photo that captures the spirit of Rocketship. Need some inspiration? Think about our Core Characteristics, Priorities, and, of course, your school community.

Post your photos to Instagram or Twitter using the hashtag #RocketshipEd. If you don’t have a Twitter or Instragram, now is the time to join the Social Media World. Last resort, send a picture to somebody else at your school site and help your team win! Note: If your Instagram account is private, we can’t see your pictures!

At the end of the Summer PD, the best photo will earn a prize from the Network Support Team on the FIRST DAY of SCHOOL.

#RocketshipEd on Twitter:

Click here to see #RocketshipEd on Instagram.

Don’t forget, follow Rocketship on Twitter and Instagram!

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