Anything can Happen, Child, Anything can be.

Concept by Gabe Schwartz & Cassandra Ford
Carriage Ride Productions
This animation was inspired by and in honor of Shel Silverstein.

One night, we were reading the complete works of Shel Silverstein in our apartment. With this conversation, the animation project developed. After a few hours discussing it, we had an outline and created storyboards and style frames. By re-creating Shel Silverstein’s poem as an animation, we hoped to portray the beauty of his uplifting poetic message: no matter what happens in life, one can always prevail, learn differently or think for ones self. We hope that this animation allows for another way to inspire literacy and the love of reading through technology.
Our passion is to bring spoken word to life, create where there is absence and fulfill the day dreams of our minds. The work we do is solely for the love and pleasure of our crafts and hobbies. We aim to inspire all people, of all ages and all walks of life. We aspire for this short to be another catalyst to spark imagination of all who watch it, as Shel did for us!
Share your favorite Shel Silverstein poem → @RocketshipEd

Carriage Ride Productions is the collaborative minds of Gabe Schwartz and Cassandra Ford. Having played with film and design since childhood, Gabe has always been enthralled with moving images. As a young adult, Gabe earned a B.A. in Sociology as well as a B.A. in Motion Graphic Design. Over the years, that same passion blossomed into his busy freelance career as a Motion Designer, spending his time working on a variety of film, animation, branding and web design projects. See more of his work→

Cassandra has worked with children since she was a teenager. After receiving her Elementary Degree, she went to work as a pre-school teacher and director.

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