Our First Day of School in Photos

by Nikki David
Associate Editor, BEYOND

When we asked our Rocketeer parents to share their first day of school photos, we had no idea we would receive such an outpouring of Rocketeer pride! Thank you to everyone who shared your first day memories with us and with the entire Rocketship community on Facebook and Instagram.

Though we can’t re-share them all, we hope the photos below help capture the excitement for a brand new school year. From group shots to handmade signs to special animal appearances, your photos had it all.

These snaps are special not just because they’re adorable, but because they’re a celebration of new beginnings and our students’ and families’ love for learning. They are a reminder of how our engaged parents are Rocketeers’ greatest cheerleaders and advocates. Let’s take a moment to savor this moment, because we’re about to do a lot of growing, learning and changing over the next year. Here’s what Rocketeers did on their first day:

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Share your Rocketeer photos all year long ➟ @RocketshipEd

A member of the Rocketship Network Support Team, Nikki came to Rocketship to help close stark inequalities in education and build the innovative schools of the future. Mentoring and tutoring throughout South Los Angeles showed her the transformational power of learning, and she is inspired every day by Rocketeers’ bright spirits and boundless potential. She earned her B.A. in Communication and Communication Design from the University of Southern California. Her other hobbies include indulging in her fitness addiction, planning her next D.I.Y. project and getting lost in new places.

Follow Nikki on Twitter: @plaincrash

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