10 Smart Tips for Parents: Turn Screen Time into Learning Time

by the Beyond Editorial Team

At Rocketship we know that when used in the right way, technology can be a powerful educational tool. Online tools should not replace any time with a teacher, rather they should complement classroom learning by helping students learn at their own pace and develop ownership over their learning. We are very purposeful about the digital content we put in front of our students, and rigorously develop and research the adaptive online learning programs our Rocketeers use. But what about at home?

In this new digital age, many parents feel overwhelmed when it comes to navigating devices, screen-time, and technology with their kids at home. With so much out there, parents often ask us for advice on how to ensure their students are using media and technology in a safe and meaningful way.  That is why we created this infographic for parents with 10 easy tips about managing screen time at home. We also vetted some of the best educational apps and websites out there, so that parents can turn screen time into learning time!

Check out the resources below, and feel free to download, print, and share with other families who want to make the most out of screen time at home.

10 Smart Tips for Screen Time: (Click here to download full infographic)

FINAL_ST_graphic_ENGLISH_8.5x11_v03.0 (1)_Page_1

Turn Screen Time Into Learning Time: (Click here to download full infographic)

Build on your Rocketeer’s love of learning at home with these Rocketship recommended educational websites and apps.

FINAL_ST_graphic_ENGLISH_8.5x11_v03.0 (1)_Page_2

For more great tips and resources about managing screen time and technology with your family visit Common Sense Media. 

Questions? Comments? Share your feedback with us! ➟ @RocketshipEd

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