Beyond a Silver Bullet

Innovative schools go beyond educating students. We empower teachers, engage parents and inspire communities.

Dear Readers,

Every child deserves a world-class education. At Rocketship, we recognize that there is much more work to be realized in order to make this a reality. Today, in the US, less than one in ten students growing up in poverty will graduate from college. We know that there is no silver bullet to eliminating the achievement gap, so we focus on continued innovation to learn and progress, working to solve some of the biggest challenges in public education.

We know the professionals educating kids have a monumental impact. So we believe in supporting and developing excellent teachers and leaders. We know every child has a unique set of needs and unique learning style, so we constantly ask ourselves how we can better personalized learning for each of our Rockeeters. We also know the most powerful force in any child’s life is their parents. So we engaged parents in their child’s education through frequent community meetings, volunteer opportunities and community events. Rocketship parent leaders make a difference in their communities.

Our pillars are easier said than done, which is why we’ve dedicated BEYOND to exploring how to rethink elementary school from the ground up with stories from our schools, our families, our very own Rocketeers and the education community.


Kevin Bronk
Editor ➟ BEYOND


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Rocketship Education is a network of public elementary charter schools serving primarily low-income students in neighborhoods where access to excellent schools is limited. Learn more about us: rsed.org.

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