Brilliant Kidisms

by Joanna Julin
First Grade Humanities Teacher

Papers are shuffling, pencils are dancing, brains are growing: it’s a new school year with our Rocketeers! As with every year, students find themselves learning new procedures, brushing up on our basics from last year and making the all-important decision of which book to choose first from the class library. As teachers, we’re observing each Rocketeer’s individual personality and learning how they’ll mesh together as a classroom of scholars and future college grads. Of course, this a time that can feel busy and rushed – we’re learning what kids need and teaching them the value of Kimochis. Every day, it’s the silly things that happen and bond us together as a group with laughter and joy, reminding us that while mistakes happen and days get busy, we are all committed to growing our brains. Being in a first grade classroom during this time is a precious place. Students are eager, engaged and motivated to be a part of this journey, but sometimes they’re a little distracted… Continue reading