Great Ways to Enjoy the Great Outdoors

by Nikki David
Associate Editor ➟ BEYOND

School’s out, sun’s out, now it’s time for your family to get out! Take a tech break and reconnect with nature at some of our favorite outdoor spots in each of our regions. From one-of-a-kind parks to nature preserves to outdoor performances, there are countless ways for your whole family to stay active, learn something new and rekindle your love for the great outdoors.

Looking to beat the heat? Check out our favorite indoor activities that will keep kids’ brains active and engaged throughout the summer.
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Reading Rocketship Education

Summer Boredom Busters to Grow Your Brain

by Logan Juve Janicula
Integrated Special Education Coach
Associate Editor ➟ BEYOND

With so many amazing programs offered in our communities, it’s hard to keep track of them all! That’s why we did the work for you. Research shows students risk regression during summer months, and what better way to keep that brain healthy than by finding fun ways to learn in your local area? We hand-picked our three favorite activities in each of our regions to stretch your student’s thinking this summer.

These summer activities will help you beat the heat indoors, but don’t miss our recommendations to get your family outside!
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Building Schools for Success

Harrison Tucker
Associate Director, Real Estate Development

It’s like a Dan Brown novel.

Here’s the plot: some elusive, nefarious villain – let’s call it the Achievement Gap League – has cleverly distributed the key to the world’s most pressing puzzle – Kids’ Success – among disparate parties, each party unaware the other is in possession of this sweet knowledge. To break the code, and stop the Achievement Gap League, all parties have to find each other, to share their nuggets of knowledge and arrange them in the right way. Here’s the catch, the Dan Brown twist: you don’t know if you’ve broken the code until years later. Continue reading

An Inclusive Special Education Program = Endless Possibilities

by Ally Von Ruden
Integrated Special Education teacher, Southside Community Prep

When I tell people that I am a special education teacher, I get all sorts of questions and comments. The most common one is, “How do you do that? I give you so much credit; I could never do that. ”

The truth is: it does take patience. Every day. But  I do it because the rewards are so great. Every day. Nothing beats the feeling of your students blasting beyond their goals. When I have challenging days or find my patience wearing thin, I think of my students and their many successes. Michael, a K5 (pre-K) student often comes to mind. Continue reading

Building Facilities For the Kids

by Harrison Tucker
Associate Director, Real Estate Development

“What do you think this is – break time?! We’ve got holes to dig, nails to hammer!” I gruffed at a small gentleman peering into the job site. Continue reading

Rocketship’s 2013 – 2014 Year in Review

by Preston Smith
Co-founder & CEO

Rocketeer Supporters and Friends,

The 2014 – 2015 school year is off to a strong start as we welcomed back 6,000 Rocketeers and their families. One of those Rocketeers is my son Zeke, who is now a kindergartener at Fuerza Community Prep. I am elated to finally be a Rocketship parent! Amid all the excitement the new school year brings, I want to reflect on the incredible successes of our network this past year. Continue reading

Giving Thanks for Engaged Parents

by Lauren Taylor
First Grade Teacher, Milwaukee

On Tuesday, November 26th, we had our first annual Feast of Thanks at Southside Community Prep.  We ate a traditional thanksgiving meal—turkey, mashed potatoes and the like—and invited parents to join us. We had a tremendous turnout with over 20 Rocketeer family members attending, many bringing food for Rocketeers to share with their fellow classmates.  We had an abundance of food and fun at our very first Feast of Thanks. Continue reading