Strengthening our Ward 8 Community from the Ground Up: It Starts with Education

by Anthony Lorenzo Green
ANC Commissioner 8B04
Washington, DC

For many Ward 8 families in the District of Columbia, finding the best school for your child can be a challenging endeavor. Great schools that go above and beyond are rare in many neighborhoods east of the Anacostia River. On the whole, DC has experienced an educational renaissance with significant progress in both the traditional public and public charter school systems. Many schools are realizing groundbreaking achievements. However, we are still far from equal access to great schools across all eight wards of the District. Families should not have to decide between a failing neighborhood school and sending a child across town for a decent education. Every community deserves excellent educational opportunities in their neighborhood. Continue reading

Investing in Education & Breaking the Cycle of Poverty

by Daniel Lurie
Founder & CEO, Tipping Point Community

At Tipping Point Community, we pursue one relentless goal: To fight poverty in the Bay Area. We aim to provide game-changing resources to the 1.3 million people too poor to meet their basic needs here in our community, one of the most affluent regions in the world.

We take a comprehensive approach to poverty alleviation and invest in four key areas: education, employment, housing and health. Of these, we know that providing high-quality education is one of the best ways to break the cycle of poverty for good. When an individual graduates from college, he or she doubles their lifetime earnings, and paves the way for future generations of their families to pursue the path to and through college. Continue reading

How I Became a Reformer

by Mary Moran
Co-founder and Executive Director, Our Voice Voz Nuestra

What is the state of education in New Orleans ten years after the storm? Like crawfish boils in the spring, this question has become a staple in the social lexicon of families, teachers, church mothers and reformers in New Orleans. Responses to the question, more often than not, lead to a more complex set of conversations about crime, violence, prisons and the lack of opportunity. The proximal relationship I have to each often prompts a reflection of my own childhood experiences with these interwoven systems and helps explain how and why I became a reformer. Continue reading

Curbing the Common Core Confusion

by Talia Arbit
K12 Community Engagement, Edcite

In recent years, the Common Core State Standards (CCSS) have made headlines across the country. CCSS has been a buzzword amongst teachers, parents and students alike. Most of all, the current controversy has sparked confusion that has left teachers wondering: how will these standards impact my teaching and, more importantly, my students? Continue reading

DaVinci Code – Education’s search for the Holy Grail

by Anthony Kim
CEO of Education Elements

In the book The DaVinci Code, we find out that the Holy Grail is not a physical chalice, but Mary Magdalene, who carried the bloodline of Christ. I often feel that in education we are often focused on the wrong thing leading to a futile search for something that doesn’t exist. Continue reading